National Society of Black Engineers at Virginia Tech

Who are we?

Welcome to the home of the Virginia Tech Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). We are an organization dedicated to the uplift of African American students in all fields of engineering. We welcome the entire STEM student body to participate in the amazing benefits that NSBE has to offer. Our mission here at NSBE is “To increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community”.


NSBE at VT understands the stress and importance of employment in the engineering world. Which is why we host a multitude of different events that allow our general members to not only communicate with companies but also receive job and internship opportunities. We have shown this through our Scholarship Auctions, NSBE Shark Tanks, several Scholarships and our Career Forums. 


NSBE at VT strives to provide its members involved with different leadership opportunities within NSBE to gain experience and prepare them for their future careers. These opportunities come in the form of our Undergraduate Council and Executive Board both of which elections open every year. These offered positions can give very crucial team management and several other important skills that companies are always looking for.


Part of NSBE’s mission statement is to increase the number of Black engineers. We do this by being involved in the community of not only Jr. NSBE Chapters, k-12 students from around the country, but also local citizens of the New River Valley area. Our programs PCI and TORCH allow us to do this by connecting with students interested in the field of engineering to motivate and guide them to be the next generation of engineers. 

Career Readiness

All of the skills that NSBE at VT provides and teaches you is to give our members the proper skills and tips for life outside and beyond college. We understand the importance and advantage that possessing these skills can have, which is why we stress being involved in our monthly GBM’s and company-led workshop events. This with the addition of our resume book and scholarship and internship database ensures that we provide all our members with the right resources to get them career ready.

Academic Excellence

NSBE at VT strives for the success of all its members in and out of the classroom. It is a part of our mission to increase the number of Engineers who excel academically. To do this NSBE at VT not only hosts bi-weekly study a thons and study sessions to provide the right resources but also tips and tricks to help you succeed no matter what year you're in. Our community is also full of Engineers in all disciplines that are also always willing to answer and provide any help as needed.