What Is NSBE? 

General Information & History

There are different regions and chapters of NSBE all over the U.S. Our chapter falls under region 2, which includes most of the eastern chapters like North & South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, the "DMV", Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Virginia Tech falls under the "O-Zone", which is 1 out of the 5 zones within region 2. We get the opportunity to network and meet other members and to get potential internship/job opportunities at our Fall Regional Conference and Zone Summits. The national convention is also held every year in the spring, which is the largest NSBE convention with over thousands of students and professionals alike.

National Society of Black Engineers was founded by undergraduates with a faculty advisor at Purdue University in 1975. It was founded in response to the 80% drop out rate of Black freshmen in engineering programs in the 1960s. The club's goals were to improve the recruitment and retention of black engineering students. By the end of its first year, 32 schools and 48 students had joined NSBE. 

Today, NSBE has over 30,000 members, 2,000 elected leadership positions and 18 regional conferences all over the country. It now has 242 collegiate student chapters, 82 pre-college programs, and 70 professional chapters. Its headquarters in currently in Alexandria, Virginia.